The 72nd World Foundry Congress (WFC2016) was held in Nagoya on 21~25th May in 2016. Thank you very much for your great aid.


The 72nd World Foundry Congress

Dear Colleagues,

You are cordially invited to participate in the 72nd World Foundry Congress 2016(WFC2016) to be held in Nagoya, Japan, on 21-25th May 2016.

This intellectually and professionally stimulating biennial congress offers you a golden opportunity to meet fellow foundrymen from all over the world and exchange ideas in order to develop a common vision for the future of the global foundry industry.

The WFC2016 will have presentations of technical papers and meetings as well as enjoyable social events.through which you can learn more about traditional Japanese culture.

WE appreciate the strong support from the World Foundry Organization(WFO).

As the host, we are working toward a successful WFC2016 that will be able to make a great contribution to the world cast metals industry.

The WFC2016 will be held in Nagoya,Japan’s third largest metropolitan region located on central Honshu. Nagoya is known as one of the centres of the manufacturing industry and also for its famous historical castle. Nagoya Castle, built by the first shougun of the Tokugawa shougunate, has a pair of golden shachihoko (carp-like mythical animals) on its roof, and they have become the symbol of Nagoya.

We look forword to seeing you in Nagoya.


Shoji Kiguchi, Dr.Eng.
Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the WFC2016



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